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mulberry outlet shepton mallet prices People often say that the eyes are the windows of the soul , which depict people often write to the human eye , but without eyebrows foil , then the United States can not show the spirit of the eye , so to describe people have delicate features , ogle , grin, enraptured , kindly , etc. .

Throughout the ages , people painted eyebrows, there Crescent , LiuYeMei , Jian Mei , lying silkworm eyebrows , eyebrow hills and ten " eyebrow " type , such as the description of the Han Wenjun , " good look , eyebrows as mountains " and therefore effective when people draw mountains brow , Tang mulberry outlet shepton mallet prices , women eyebrow ornaments " amount of yellow" , or " Palace of eyebrow holding the amount of yellow character " , while women prefer light sweeping the Late Tang Dynasty Crescent , popular hill brow, as described by the poet Tingyun " hill overlapping gold winking , coming from the clouds to the degree Xiangsai snow, " hailed the eyebrow mountain, cloud coming hailed the gills hailed snow.

In ancient times, women with Dai thrush , which is also known as Dai ​​Mei Mei , Jia Lin has shown signs , they pay attention to her eyebrow , " two non- Organisation Organisation cage bent like smoke eyebrow , a pair of non -hi -hi Feelings like eye," and according to her eyebrow feeling like demeanor, because the ink Dai -generation thrush , if Daiyu brow Organisation and named her " frown frown ," judge and frown children .

Thrush , is a woman dressed himself, beautiful ornaments elegant gesture , reflecting the woman 's attitude to life , mulberry outlet shepton mallet prices the people in the eyebrow grooming, in addition to thrush as well as eyebrow , embroider eyebrow . Thrush , that rare place to fill in eyebrows Dai ​​color , or Dai-colored pen drawing the shape of the charm eyebrow ; eyebrows , eyebrow tweezers repair molding that will clean and remove the side miscellaneous eyebrow ; embroider eyebrow , that tattoo , the original eyebrow shaving clean, long hole with a needle where the eyebrows , and the colored ink droplet into Dai allow ink into the skin , as embroidered up as if generated in general, does not require painting every day , upon eyebrows grow out with tweezers twist .

For beautiful woman to endure unimaginable suffering, a friend invited me to go to the salon , she went to embroider eyebrow , embroider eyebrow what I asked , after listening to explain , I stunned and trembled, witnessed a friend to accept the whole process of eyebrow embroidery I dare not from it mulberry outlet shepton mallet prices . I remember as a child home from school to see the village girl 's ear piercing and swelling due to ulcers , so I've been afraid to ear punch , beautiful, really pay the price.

People write , often wrote facial features of Smart, expressive, emotional men and women write , often described as ogle , to the mountain metaphor eyebrow , eyebrow -like mountains , water write head , head like Autumn . The Song Wang concept a farewell word , but to Mei Feng Yu mountain to wavefront -like water, more vivid , "Water is the wavefront cross, mountain Mei Feng together. Want to ask pedestrians to go over there ? Facial features graceful place. Before start sending Chungui , Song Jun and go back if to catch the southern spring , do spring to live. facial features " fantastic view of the wandering king ( his friend ) and across time thinking woman mulberry outlet shepton mallet prices , wandering away from home with the through the mountains and rivers anthropomorphic , those clear, bright river, as if into a flow of the thoughts of the people wandering wavefront , and the way clusters tangled mountain, also seems to be the woman Jincu Mei Feng , the landscape becomes a there are emotional things . Angela facial features , refers both to the south of the landscape , clear Liming show, like a woman 's eyebrows and winks , but also refers to facial features graceful woman. Loading the word , clever analogy , witty discourse , feminine facial features describe convey feelings of children , the beauty of the state, Tech expressive facial features , landscapes Smart fleshed out .

Heart of beauty in everyone , give yourself a woman thrush , or gentle Wanli , or lovely, or full of flavor, taste or excellent ; case of the beloved woman thrush , which is how warm and sweet man , loving lingering harmonious and considerate.

Thrush , this is a reason to dress up in women's boudoir behavior , Zhu Qing Tang people remaining fresh and crisp but with a poem , " bridal chamber last night Candle stop until dawn break and worship Jiugu , she asked her husband strike makeup , no thrush fashionable shades . " by a pretty , mulberry outlet shepton mallet prices charming , shy bride asked her husband , then the interviewer asked nervously mildly Zhang Mizube how their scholarship . The text of the bride clever cute, clever and adroit but slightly sheepish scene vividly, Johnson shy bride image vividly escape the shame of it, even more coincidentally , ZHU Yu remaining to brides themselves, but also to show the poet the romantic , so romantic poem of the Millennium !

Thrush , is the world 's most touching !